Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gilligans' Island

So if you walked onto Pier 41 in the last 3 years during the summer months you've seen this.  'Gilligans' Island' was created as part of a series of display gardens I made for Liberty Sunset GC in Red Hook. This one was at the rear entrance, off VanDyke. At the time the 'garden center' was actually a 10,000 sf  lot filled with junk. As it happened I had brought in 25 yards of sand to help with drainage. The boat was on its' way to the dump when the proverbial lightbulb moment struck and i interupted. Working quickly before anyone could object, I hopped in the nearest Bobcat, picked up the biggest boulder i could, and manipulated it into place. Then I raced back and forth scooping bucket fulls of sand around the massive rock. Finally, I went back to the lot and this time  picked up the boat. As soon as I set the bow ontop of the boulder, all the naysayers and weird looks subsided. At that point I think everyone saw the possiblity. We had access to a arsenal of tropicals, 25 ft Yuccas, etc. -Not exactly a group of plants indigineous to NYC! I pulled out as many as I could get Sandor to part with. More about Sandor another time.

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